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Air Duct Cleaning tips from the professionals

Our team at "Air Duct Cleaning Tiburon" has come up with this informative tips page so you can learn more about your ducts the easy way. Knowing a little bit more about why you should conduct regular cleaning on your air vents could help you make the right choices with regards to their maintenance. These tips will hopefully give you that understanding, as well as when it should be done, how, and by whom.

Clean air and clean health

Ventilation systems help a lot when it comes to purifying the air in your home, which will give you all the health benefits of breathing clean air. But when these systems get too dirty and contain high levels of contaminants, they make the air less healthy to breathe. That is why air duct cleaning is important to reduce the amount of contaminants which can cause allergies and infections if it is not done properly. Get your ducts professionally cleaned to breathe healthier.

Learn about the duct cleaning method suited for you

There are three ways to clean a dirty vent. An air sweep compresses the air to separate it from the dirt in your ducts so that it can be removed easily. Standard vacuum cleaning can also be done and is good for systems that are not too dirty. For more severe cases, a metal brush clean will really work the debris from the lining of the interior of your vents, but can take a little bit more time than the other two methods.

It is recommended to clean your ducts annually

It is important to conduct regular air duct cleaning on your system to make sure that it always works at optimum efficiency and is also healthy for the home. Most professionals recommend annual cleaning to make sure that ducts are kept in good condition. For those that work in busy or dusty areas, there may be a need to double that frequency to ensure that the additional debris doesn’t clog up the vents.

Ask for an indoor air quality test

Every so often it is important to judge how efficiently an air duct is performing throughout your house. In order to do it, it is necessary to conduct a test of your home’s indoor air quality to determine the amount and density of contaminants in the air. This can be done to spot mold and dust influxes before they become a problem to your system and your health, and clean them before they can do any damage.

Inspect your ducts twice a year

While more often than not air vent cleaning should be done on an annual basis, an inspection on the condition of your ducts should be done twice as often to ensure that your vents are working the way they are supposed to, that there is no debris making their job difficult, and that the air in your living spaces is contaminant free and safe for your family members to breathe. This will help you spot and deal with any problems before they arise.

Avoid DIY when cleaning ducts

Air duct cleaning is not a particularly simple task to conduct. It requires a certain level of skill and experience which is not shared by the layman, and then there is the highly specialized and expensive equipment and cleaning products which are necessary to get the job done right. While it is understandable that DIY is tempting, more often than not it can do more damage than good in this regard.

Get a vibrating and hot exhaust hood checked and cleaned timely

Vibration and higher temperature are signs of blockage caused by grease. In such cases, the filter must be washed or replaced and the exhaust vent has to be thoroughly cleaned, according to our professionals. The affected moving components must be cleaned and fixed or replaced with new ones.

A professional air cleaning keeps your home clean and fresh

Americans spend about $350 million each year on indoor air filters, even though there is almost no proof that they help with respiratory symptoms. Instead, the EPA recommends removing the source of pollutants and increasing outside ventilation. The best way to do this is with an efficient, properly maintained HVAC system. Our professional air cleaning specialists will check and clean your air ducts for proper operation to make sure your home always stays clean and fresh.

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