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Signs Air Duct Cleaning is required

Signs Air Duct Cleaning is required
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There are homeowners who keep their air duct maintained by having air duct cleaning on a regular basis. According to our experts, this deep cleaning must be done at least every three to five years on average. This is not that often so it should not be difficult to do. Unfortunately, even when the recommended cleaning time is years apart, some owners still neglect to do so. Servicing air ducts not only eliminates dirt and dust on the duct walls, but enhances the performance of the HVAC unit and extend its life. If you have never done this before or it’s been a long time since ducts were cleaned, here are the signs that notify you when it's time for professional air duct cleaning.

Signs You Need Air Duct Cleaning

Signs Air Duct Cleaning is requiredAs mentioned, it must be done at least every three to five years. If it’s been a long time, then it’s definitely time for cleaning. If you had air quality testing and the result is poor, it could be caused by the dirt and dust around the house and part of it could be due to the dirt that builds up on ducts and filters. Air filter cleaning should be done regularly,
traps dust and dirt, which is why it should be cleaned all the time to prevent dirt from mixing with the air breathed indoors.

If your house was recently built or remodeled, you should also go for cleaning as dust and debris would have probably made it into the air ducts. Another sign is if an electric bill is higher than usual. When the ducts are dirty, it’s more difficult for the HVAC system to heat or cool the temperature. This also means that it’s difficult to reach the thermostat setting. Since, it takes longer to cool and heat the house; this also causes energy bills to go up. Moreover, this could put a toll on your system and cause it to obtain damage. This is also why HVAC maintenance is recommended so that issues can be taken care of immediately and ensures an optimal system. Foul odor could also be a sign as not only dirt but animal feces like that of rats or even dead animals could be in your duct, which may cause the odor. Respiratory problems and allergy may also arise due to poor air quality, which again could be caused by the dirt on ducts. If this happens to any members of your family, then it could be time to perform check on ducts.

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