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Dryer Duct Cleaning
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When the time for dryer duct cleaning comes, hire our company to do the job effectively and swiftly. It does not matter what type of duct is used or how long it is. The kind of dryer that you use is completely irrelevant as well. You can expect high quality regardless of the system specifics. Take advantage of our professional services and enjoy a more efficient dryer performance.

Experienced Dryer Duct Cleaning Experts

Dryer Duct Cleaning in CaliforniaWhether you need a home or complex commercial dryer vent cleaning, our professional company is readily available to help. You are welcome to use our service on a scheduled basis to ensure that the passage for the release of the hot air will never get too narrow. At the same time, you can count on us completely in urgent situations. If you notice that the items are slightly damp after a regular drying cycle and/or the appliance becomes very hot while working, you should report this to us right away so that the problem can be eliminated without delay. We at "Air Duct Cleaning Tiburon" are always at your service.

The work process begins with inspection of the duct. Our technician will check every section thoroughly to determine its condition. If there is need for repair, it will be made promptly for ensuring that the ductwork will work optimally after it has been cleaned. When dryer vent replacement is required, count on our specialist to do this job equally well. It is our commitment to use only components of the highest quality. They are carefully selected for their strength, functionality and durability. The new vent will be fitted securely for ensuring its optimal performance.

For cleaning the dryer vent, our technician will use special tools operated with maximum precision so that all the lint is picked up and extracted. Every inch of the surface is thoroughly cleaned. This includes the surface of the outside box. If necessary, lint air filter cleaning is included in the service as well. Rest assured that the interior surface of the duct will not be affected in any way by the operation of the tools. It will retain its texture. It will be as strong and resistant to damage as before.

All fibers will be gone once the job is done and the hot air released by the appliance will pass freely. This is how the risk of fire is practically eliminated. The appliance will work as effectively and efficiently as before. You can have complete confidence in our expertise in air duct cleaning.

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